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Top 5 Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Solution Companies in UK - 2021

As AR and VR technologies continue to find growing prevalence across all business sectors, all the latest gadgets, software solutions, or even services are incorporating these technologies to give customized, accessible, and well-designed experiences. With the breakneck pace at which the industry is advancing, in three years, we will see new AR glasses that will be directly connected to the smartphone. In tandem with constant innovation in immersive AR experiences, the consumer electronics market is also set to change by great lengths as consumers are utilizing AR technology to check smart glasses and virtually trying out dresses through VRbased apps.

Meanwhile, one of the other emerging trends expanding the scope of AR and VR is the utility of technologies for indoor navigation. Just like GPS-built in software and maps direct us towards a shop, hospital, or other places from outside, the augmented reality-powered navigation systems are meant to assist people indoors, instructing them on the path towards any particular product or location engagingly and effortlessly. In this manner, AR-based indoor navigation gives consumers an optimal experience while helping them be self-sufficient without relying on others.

To make the most of these transformative technologies revamping businesses and consumer behaviour in and around UK, there are numerous AR and VR solution providers that are set to take the market by storm. Amid this scenario, the editorial board of CIOReview Europe, along with an eminent panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and industry analysts, has compiled a list of leading AR and VR solution providers that are transforming business processes and services to help organizations deliver far more superior digital experiences to consumers.

We present to you CIOReview Europe’s “Top 5 Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Solution Providers in UK - 2021.”

    Top Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Solution Companies in UK

  • Oakley VR is much more than AR/VR developers, serving as innovative experience creators. Their expertise in the field has enabled them to seamlessly deliver enhanced reality experiences for the customers of premium global brands for years. Fusing the best of augmented and virtual reality environments, they have also offered mixed reality services generating new scales of opportunities and content consumption. As these technologies are percolating into different spheres of the industry where businesses are looking out constantly to invest in AR/VR projects, Oakley VR is giving them the right access to achieve the perfect solutions to head in the future


  • Founded in Greenwich, London, Observatory shares the namesake to The Royal Observatory that is well-known for its history of astronomy and navigation. Much like its telescope that rotates in 360 degrees to allow thousands of visitors to view the night sky, Observatory directs and executes content for immersive, live, and virtual events — offering its customers visual content like none other. From concept to execution, the company creates experiences in the form of projection mapping, 360 installations, holograms, and LED stage setups


  • Catalyst VR

    Catalyst VR

    Catalyst VR is an award winning Virtual and Augmented Reality production & technology company, specialising in the creation of immersive content and experiences. With offices in Australia and the U.K, Catalyst focuses on delivering cutting edge VR and AR experiences seamlessly across Mobile, Web, VR and Interactive platforms. Its team are experts across content production, animation, app development and technical development for platforms, campaigns and activations within the Virtual and Augmented reality space. Founded in 2015, Catalyst has been fortunate to work with some amazing Brands and their creative agencies including Kia Motors, Singapore Airlines, The Daily Telegraph, American Express, Coca-Cola, Sony Universal Pictures, TAB, Medibank and the Sydney Sixers

  • MASH Virtual

    MASH Virtual

    An IT and Technology solutions and services providing company specialising in the area of AR/VR, Application Development for Mobiles, Wearable and Streaming devices, MASH Virtual conceptualise, design and develop software, applications and games for PCs, consoles, handheld devices, wearable device, streaming devices, new and emerging hardware that include location based services such as GPS with integrated and multi-modal payment facility and operating on multiple operating systems. Some examples would be to create applications and software’s for augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D environments and development using artificial intelligence, machine intelligence and machine learning



    PAULEY are a dynamic UK-based SME at the forefront of the exciting emerging market in big data and interactive tools for business. Pioneers in Spatial Computing, PAULEY's specialist team are working with clients operating in key industries and sectors including transport, safety critical industries and the education and training sector, to embed innovative digital technology into their business processes. By adopting new and innovative ways of learning & working using pioneering digital technology, PAULEY helps to realise cost savings, increase productivity, maximise user engagement, enhance performance and drive efficiencies. From 'Training & Skills Development' to 'Asset Management' & 'Fault Finding', PAULEY’s collaborations are pivotal in introducing ground-breaking, innovative, digital ways of working

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